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God save the spammers.

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Telling the truth no one of my real readers addressed my posts  such a sort of sweet and encouraging words:

Interesting, cool report, exact information I was looking for, I liked your article so much, Keep working, terrific job, your content make me want to read more and more, nice information, wonderful website, it’s worth to read,

thank you for sharing so much information,would be great if we could read your blog every day.  ( fossi matto!), your website is very popular because the amount of good posts, great post!  I really admire your work.  ( not at all pizza with figs!) you have a really good website, very interesting read, I will be back to look for more posts ( as soon as possible ), keep it it going, this is a cool stuff, I visited the site, it is a nice site, thanks for providing information here, I like your blog post, I like this,  ( Unfortunately i’am a routinary liar.).  it’s a great job, keep it up. I would give a coachbag for one of your posts, I’ am glad we have your blog as help ! You are as good as Viagra!  I wish I could find such information more often,  ( However class is’nt water!), I read and understand (but not entirely,) the whole article and i really enjoyed it to be honest, this blog rocks, I am Happy on this webpage.

Friends spammers, I understand and compassionate for the hard and miserable life you have to live in order to get your bread and butter! Ireally sympathize with all you. Terrific job,  do not give up. I love you spammers!

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